Security Updates From Pebble

At Pebble we love the internet. It’s an amazing place, full of wonderful information, but unfortunately there are also a lot of nasty bugs and shady characters hanging around just waiting to cause trouble.

Fortunately, most web platforms release regular security patches which will help to protect your website. Think of these patches like vaccines, helping you to always be a step ahead of anything that could cause your site harm. However, not everyone has the technical knowledge to gather and perform these updates, and to know which versions are compatible. This is where we come in:

Pebble have the skills to ensure that your site is always patched to the latest version, helping to keep out viruses and anyone else who’s up to no good, allowing your website to carry on doing its job properly! More importantly, we have the knowledge to find updates that are compatible with each other, ensuring that there are no unexpected crashes once the site is patched!

For more info on website security, and our update service, have a chat with Pebble, or call us on 01733 902070