Sell a product? Why you should have an e-commerce site!

What is it?

The “e” means electronic and the commerce is the meaning of selling goods or services. You may already have an office or shop selling products or services and it is the place that overseas all the business operations and distributions of the products or services to customers, but having an e-commerce site enables you to increase sales quicker, reduce overhead costs, profit margins for the business and reduce the business operations costs.

There are millions and millions of users online and more and more are using it to buy the products or services they want. Britain alone is the biggest online shopping nation in the developed world, with almost 2/3 of adults using the internet to buy goods or services. It is easier, faster and quicker and can be done anytime of the day, instead of planning a day to go shopping people can watch T.V. while buying a whole new wardrobe!

Advantages of an e-Commerce website:

There is no need to close your shop you’re always open. 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, users are able to go onto your web store and buy whatever they want when they want.

Fewer pennies! It is a very low running cost to keep your web store open and up and running instead of paying out for maintenance of a shop and staff.

More profit per item: Your costs to sell each item will decrease once the store has become established online and there is an increase in traffic volumes.

Wider range of stock: With your web store you are now able to sell a wider range of stock items and constantly upload more or edit.

Easily Managed – You can have more focus on improving your business as the e-commerce site will do the selling for you. And it allows you to focus more on increasing sales through other methods of marketing.

Upsell & Cross-sell: You can upsell to your customers to encourage them to buy more than one product. For example; if a customer is buying a dress you can show below, the heels that would go with the dress, pushing the customer to buy the whole outfit. You can also have products or special offers constantly scattered on the way to the checkout page and cross-sell them a better valued product instead of the one they have picked but on offer etc.

Reaching New Levels! Your business may target the local area with the shop you have on the high street but having an e-commerce site opens up a whole new playing field of whom you can market to. Being online will enable you to reach to anyone in the UK and globally.

Intergrade Social Media: Building on your social media strategy and incorporating your online web store will increase brand awareness and products. You can market certain products or services through social media linking any one of the billion users on social media accounts to that page to buy. This will take time to build up but if you can work them both together it will be extremely profitable.

E-mail Marketing: You should capture emails on the website and this way build a collection of emails in which you can market too. You know by receiving their email that they have been on your store and interested so using other tools to e-mail market them you can increase the chances in encouraging them to come back to the store.

Data Understanding of your customers: Analysing your data from the site will allow you to have a better understanding of your customer’s behaviour, likes etc. this will then allow you to update the site more to suit your customers.

Overall having an e-commerce site works and at Pebble we have built numerous different e-commerce sites for small, medium and large companies, and from our experience we know and see the positive impact that it does for those businesses.

If you have any enquiries or questions on regards to e-commerce then get in touch!