Bespoke CRM Solutions

Bespoke CRM Solutions

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a custom built web application built for businesses that are developed specifically for the individual needs of the business, here at Pebble we have been creating CRM solutions that are tailored to each company.

Bespoke Business CRM Solutions...

How can a CRM increase efficiency at my company?

A Bespoke Business CRM Solution can be a vital tool to successfully managing your business and more often than not, as your business scales and expands you will find it harder and harder to successfully control aspects of your business. Whether it is sales leads, customer interaction or even marketing. Having a Bespoke Business CRM Solution in place can allow you to harness and refine the processes you have in place.

Is a bespoke CRM cheaper than an off the shelf solution?

Yes, more often than not it can be. Off the shelf, solutions tend to be very cheap but once you factor in users on the system and additional elements required for your business then off the shelf solutions can become very expensive and hard to back away from once you start to use them.

True benefits of using a bespoke CRM solution

When companies like Pebble develop CRM solutions, we speak to you about processes in place and how we can make them more efficient online. Out of the box our bespoke CRM’s include:

  • Customer database
  • Project & workflow management
  • 100% secure
  • Modular development for future additions
  • Access information 24/7 in any location
  • Very flexible and customisable

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Pebble Bespoke CRM image

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