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We have been managing “Pay Per Click” campaigns for a number of years now and we bring professional management to your campaign, this ensures you are not overspending and your adverts are matching the search terms accurately.

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Let’s start of by explaining what "Pay Per Click" actually is.

These are the adverts you see above the free search results (what we call organic) and down the right hand side of the page, this is the same for both Google & Bing.

Using Adwords from Google you are basically bidding against other companies to be in these positions. Being on the first page of Google is highly beneficial for obvious reasons, 90% of all clicks are done from the first page. So as an example, if you sell "home insurance", an organic SEO campaign will not work for you, a PPC campaign will ensure you appear on the top of the search results page immediately.

You pay Google for each time a user clicks on your link. The cost varies (depending on your industry) and can cost as little as 5 pence up to click through costs of over £150.

Pay Per Click is not just restricted to the ads you see on Google, it also includes Google Shopping and ads you may see whilst browsing other Google products like You Tube.

Learn mnore about what Google Adwords is here on YouTube

For more information about how a Pay Per Click campaign could benefit your business please contact us on 01733 902070 or contact one of our Google experts via our contact page and we will get straight back to you.

What is Google Adwords?

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