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As a business owner, you are responsible for running the business not training to be a web developer and a server engineer. You have daily tasks all day, every day. That's why we've created our Website Care Plans. If you have a change or update to your website, you simply call us or submit a support ticket, and we take care of it! How cool is that? You never have to wonder if it got done or think about it again. We do the work, so you can cross one more thing off your to-do list (or app, whichever works for you).


Everyone and everything needs security these days, from your office building to your credit card, even your office bathrooms with codes (we don't have one of these at Pebble...), security is everywhere and essential to keep you safe. Just like these your website should also be protected and have security checks on it. This helps protect it from hackers, robots, and spam. Just like those other security procedures, our Website Care Plans are there as a preventative measure to protect your website; we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. However, this is why we carry out backups on your website regularly, so if anything ever does happen, your website will be restored from the most recent update


Everyone wants to know that there's a real person on the other end of the line and not a machine when they make a call or send an email.

At Pebble, you will talk to a real people in real time every time you call. (unless you get our voicemail, but no one's perfect, and we will call you straight back), we will know you and your company by name because we believe real people have real needs that should be addressed by a real person.


Like everything else in the digital world today, a website needs updates as well to ensure it's working correctly and continues to work properly. This ensures things just don't break unexpectedly. We take care of these updates for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. New updates come out all the time causing your site to just to stop work one day (we've all seen this happen). That's why care plans are so important to keep your business going and growing.


In our Premium website care plan package, we offer quarterly website reviews for our clients. These allow you to see any potential issues that may come up due to changes in how your website is doing (like when Google pushes out SEO updates), and where your traffic is coming from and going on your site (scary, isn't it?). These website reviews serve as great guidelines for improving and using your website to its fullest potential.

  •   Wordpress Core Upgrades
  •   Wordpress Plugins Upgrades
  •   Monthly Website Backups
  •   Security Software & Scan
  •   Telephone Support
  •   Ticketing Support
  •   No Long Term Contracts
Business Pro FROM 149 PER MONTH
  •   Wordpress Core Upgrades
  •   Wordpress Plugins Upgrades
  •   Daily Website Backups
  •   Security Software & Scan
  •   Website Analytics
  •   Google Search Console
  •   Uptime Monitoring
  •   Broken Link Checker
  •   Website Performance Optimisation
  •   Spam Cleanup
  •   Website Recommendations
  •   Telephone Support
  •   Ticketing Support
  •   No Long Term Contracts

* If Pebble did not build your website we will need to carry out an initial Website Health Check. This is FREE of charge to get your website into a good shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The development time is allocated and reserved to you every month regardless of whether it is used or not, therefore it does not rollover to new months.

The primary purpose of our website care plans are taking preventative steps to maintaining your website, by doing this we reduce the risk of anything happening to your website in the first place.

We cannot promise that your website will not be compromised or suffer from downtime but we have both the tools in place to detect downtime and have in-house development experts on hand to bring your site back up safely and securely as soon as possible.

Typically our customers use the development time for content updates, design tweaks and changes. If you ask for something that falls outside your allocated time available we will contact you about how long it will take and we can speak about the best way forward.

No, you are not tied to a contract and can cancel at anytime, we do ask that you give us 30 days notice so we can do your final website health check to make sure the website is in the best shape when we hand it over to you.

It doesn't matter if Pebble built your website and we can still offer you a care plan to suit you and your website. We do carry out a initial Website Health Check free of charge to make sure we start off on the right foot.

This is great news and you have taken the first steps to getting your website ship shape. You can call us on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact form.

Talk to us about Website Care Plans on 01733 902070