Speed Up Your Customer Service With Twitter

Twitter have announced two new features which will create better conversational experiences between people and businesses through Twitter. These two new features are Quick Replies and Welcome Messages through Direct Messages. These features aim to make it less complicated and easier for companies and businesses to guide people to have better outcomes. The way it will be easier is through simple automated messages and human conversation services.

Quick Replies allow businesses to be able to prompt people with the most effective ways to reply to Direct Messages. This would be from choosing from a list of different options or guiding people to enter specific text values. Welcome Messages allow businesses to initially greet people in Direct Messaging, without requiring people to send the first message.

Using Quick Replies and Welcome Messages together can reduce wait times for people and help people interact with businesses simply and effectively. The aim is to help solve people’s problems and issues before they must resort to contacting the business’s agents. This will speed up resolution time and reduce customer effort.

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