Where To Take Your Ecommerce Store in 2016

In 2015 we saw an incredible growth in global ecommerce sales and this is looking like it is set to continue through 2016 and beyond.

This year you would have focused on rich, relevent content on your website which is great and now we have to take this forward.
In 2016 we recommend looking at the following items:

Interactive Content
If you haven’t done so then you perhaps you should be thinking about introducing interactive content on your website. By this we mean where users can engage with your website. We have added a couple of examples of this:

1) Let’s say you sell boots, you would have great professional photos on your website which show your boots in all their glory, we recommend this year you introduce 360 degree imagery to these products, allow your users to pan, zoom and have a better look at your products, you musn’t assume a simple picture will do and you should never underestimate the reasons why a customer is looking to purchase your product.

2) Consider inserting videos into your product pages, this will allow your customer to “picture the scene”.

Responsive Web Design
We spoke about this back in 2014 and your website should be fully responsive, by this we mean your website works just as well on mobile devices as they do on desktop, you may well lose some of your big hitting graphics bit the user experience should still be there. Web Design agencies like Pebble build on the basis of “Mobile Up” so if we have built this then you do not need to worry.

Fast Shipping
In 2016 we are going to see delivery lead times drastically cut online. If you are shipping within 3-5 days then unfortunately you are going to be left behind. Same day delivery might not be possible for you but you should at least offer a 1-2 day delivery option.

Retargeting and sending post-cart abandonment emails offering a discount will be a must-have weapon this year. Research suggests more than 55% of online shoppers are open to the idea of purchase they have abandoned in their cart. All of the solutions Pebble offer provide the tools to retarget customers.