I wanted to build a directory and had gone the Indian route originally as I felt it was straightforward enough to communicate long distance. Never again, a total waste of time and money! So after recovering, I contacted a few Peterborough web design agencies, but obviously some didn’t need the work. Of the replies I received however were Pebble and right from the start I knew they were excellent. I went to meet David and straight away felt he understood what I was trying to do. As we started work on the project, where others would shortcut and say ‘Oh that is alright’ in order to save themselves extra work, David didn’t and would even suggest brilliant alternatives which would probably mean more work for him. I felt he wanted to do as good a job as he could and had a pride in all the work he did. Every issue I found as it was my job to try to break the code David timely fixed until I hope we now have a very robust working directory. I intend to use Pebble again and would HIGHLY reccommend them.