I was top of Google, what happened?

Below we will explore some of the possible reasons for this. Some websites enjoy many months if not years perched at the top of Google then suddenly you are gone.

Believe it or not, this is actually very common, this can happen for a number of reasons and we will go into a couple of these below.

Google Algorithm Updates
You may have heard in the press about these. Google actually are always changing algorithms but occasionally they will do a big one, often given code names like penguin or panda. These updates are based on feedback they receive and at the end of the day they want to deliver the best results possible for users.

We can fully understand this, search engines and techniques have to evolve to make results more relevant to the user.

Your Competition
More often than not the websites around you in your industry are just plainly doing things better, they are updating their websites regularly, harnessing the power of social media and may have more Search Engine Optimisation techniques being applied to their website.

This is not something you can do much about but it may be wise to have a look at your own website to see where there might be room for improvement. If you are all out of ideas then you may want to reach out to a specialist company like Pebble for advice.

Pebble can analyse your website to see what has really gone wrong, what the competition are doing and provide you with the guidance to get your website moving in the right direction.

You can contact Pebble on 01733 367799 or by emailing us via our contact form.