Why Your About Us Page Can Be Your King

Here at Pebble we have been building websites for a long time (since 2007) and even though technology changes and browsing habits change, the desire for getting the right information has not and whether a potential customer likes your product or service can often hinge on getting the right information across.

When you have a website it is highly likely you will have an “About Us” page somewhere. It is often overlooked and we have seen that especially the English do not like to shout about themsleves too much which needs to change.

This short post will give you a good overview on how to write and position your “About Us” page to leverage your potential.

1. Keep It Simple
Let us start by saying that an “About Us” page isn’t a “Meet The Team” page. You shouldn’t be loading your page with text heavy content and you don’t need to list out each team member with their job role, You can limit the staff information to the very senior team and lead this out to the “Meet The Team” page.

If you can, do an introduction video, people love watching videos but detest reading lots of text.

2. Use Graphics
Touched on briefly above, keep the text light and introduce some graphics to your page, users tend to quickly skip over text but will absorb images especially infographics.

3. Touch On Your History
Remember it is not a history lesson on your business. You may well have a very interesting history but your visitor may not think so, keep the content relevent to the reason they are there. It is important that you explain a little about your history as this transfers to experience.

4. Reviews
Don’t be afraid to add reviews that you feel will be relevent for a visitor to convert to a customer, not too many though, again, we are trying to keep the content light.

Remember that your “About Us” page needs to act as a self delivery vehicle of information that will enable your customer to trust your product or service.

For more information about getting your page content right you can contact Pebble on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact form.