My website is finished, what now?

The next step is marketing your website

Step 1 – Let’s start letting search engines know about you your first port off call is to tell search engines you exist ( if you don’t tell them they won’t know). head on over to Google and submit your website. You can do this as well for Bing here.

Step 2 – Register for Google Webmaster Tools, it is totally free and you can do more than just tell Google about your website, you can also submit your sitemap as well as get a great insight into what websites are linking to you and the search terms people are using to find you, Bing also have a webmaster tools area you can sign up to.

Step 3 – Google Places – Google Places is free of charge and you can list not only your business but your website as well, you have the option to tell Google all about you, your premises, facilities, upload photos and more.

Step 4 – Other places(not search engines). Look at listing your website on local directories, these often rank high in search engines already and you can sign up quickly and easily. Adding your website to other sites like these are what we call back links and search engines look at these to gauge the popularity of your website and leads to a higher page rank (one of the metrics Google use to make websites rank higher in search engines).

Step 5 – Social Media – Social Media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are great places to engage with potential customers and tell people about your new website. these are also free and quickly setup, you can add your business details as well. Think about branding your social media pages similar to your website for a better user experience.

Take your marketing offline

Marketing offline is an avenue all successful business do, there are a number of offline marketing activities you can do:

– TV Advertising (only if you have a budget that allows- as a starting point you should have a budget of at least £30k – £40k to begin with)

– Radio Advertising ( this is a great way to engage locally) – radio advertising is a cheap way to get your message out there, you should budget for about £500 a week in local radio advertising

– Newspaper Advertising ( this may be an option for your business ( depending on your business type) you should budget for around £200 a month for a decent placing – a word pf warning though, newspaper advertising, as well as all advertising is a long term strategy and should be given careful consideration.

For more information about the next steps please contact pebble on 01733 366779 or visit our contact page.