Websites! – Why, oh Why, oh Why!?

For starters, with over 80% of the UK’s population accessible to the internet, you’re missing a huge trick if your business hasn’t got a web presence.

Here are some reasons why…

It is one of the best tools for promoting your business.
It will be your online brochure, giving information to users on what you do and how you can help. Over 53 million UK users are on the web, you can use your website to reach out to the millions you may be able to help.

A website will never shut off.
Your website will be open and available 24/7, people surf the web in the evening and on weekends as well. So this way, users are always able to have a look anytime. This is brilliant especially for product selling as customers can buy anything anytime instead of restricting them to buying your products only when you’re open.

Using your website can enable you to get feedback from your customers; they can fill in ratings/questionnaires etc. giving you a review on your business which you can then show off online as well as sharing on social media.

Your enemies have one!
If your competitors have a website and you don’t, already they are at an advantage. They will be in front of more possible customers through the web than you are. More people are finding information online by searching in search engines for answers; people are not bothering with the traditional means of finding.

World Wide Web:
The www (World Wide Web) literally means worldwide, your website can allow you to market to different areas in the UK and even different countries. You can expand from being local, and online, become global.

Give off that impression:
Having a professional website will give off a more professional image towards your business. With a well-designed website, you can sometimes even fool users into thinking you are a larger company than you are. It will give readers a more confident and trustworthy feel towards your business, boosting communication and sales.

Websites will increase customers & sales:
No matter what your services or products are overall having a website will increase customer reach, which will then increase the number of sales made. Studies have shown that 50% of internal sales are all from new customers.

These are just a few examples of why it is crucial to have one, even if you are a start-up or small business, it is an essential tool to use which will increase potential customers and sales.

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