What Is Google Wallet?

What is it?

Google Wallet is a service provided by Google, this service allows those in the US to transfer and request money to and from one another. A bank account or debit card is needed, can then be moved to your bank account or be spent using the Google Wallet card.

Google Wallet Card?

This is a card that is provided by Google without charge, this card allows you to spend your “Wallet Balance”.

Is this the same as Android Pay?

No. Android Pay is another service provided by Google that allows you to use your phone to pay at participating stores, this means that in theory no wallet is needed. It also allows paying in apps, for example, paying for a hotel room using it.

How secure is Google Wallet?

According to Google, very secure. Is your card or phone is lost or stolen the phone can be locked and the information wiped. Google also offer Fraud Protection, this covers all proven unauthorised transactions, in the US only.


Fast way to transfer money between people
Easy to keep track of amount of money

Can’t use directly to pay in store with phone
Google wallet money is not readily available on your normal bank account (untill transferred)
Only available in US