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Should I use a Blog for my website?

With almost 4 billion people worldwide currently connected to the internet, businesses have never had a better time to include blogging in their marketing strategy.

One question many people ask after starting a business is whether blogging is worth it?

The short answer is Yes! And here are the reasons why.


Creates Fresh Content

Writing a blog post is the easiest way to create content for your website. Contents is king; a blog allows you to create content on your website but also to cross-promote on social platforms. Once you create your new shiny blog post, add them to your website’s blog, and you can share the link to your new blog on any relevant social media platforms, driving traffic to your site. Not only does a blog provide original and relevant content for all your social platforms, but it also drives traffic back to your website.

A bonus is that if a blog is still relevant, it can be reused for future social content.


Increases Organic Searches

It’s true. Most websites’ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is dramatically enhanced by including a good quality blog. A few points to keep in mind when writing your blog are Keywords, Relevancy to your product or service and essential to your audience, Categories & tags, Long-tail keywords, Internal linking, Location tagging, and shareable content. Keeping this in mind when writing your blog will improve your website’s SEO. The benefits tend to be enough of a reason to start blogging to grow your website.


Easier to Rank for Specific Keywords

One of the simpler yet more critical reasons why a blog is vital to your business’s SEO is the ability to build keyword relevancy. Every blog is a chance to use existing keywords and reinforce your keyword strength or introduce a new keyword your business wants to target. While your business can establish keyword relevancy utilising the product, service, and other descriptive top-level pages, a blog adds and builds upon that relevancy and opens your site up to growth. At Pebble Web Design, we work with you to define the right set of keywords that match both your services/products and the users’ search expectations. We speak to you about both long and short-tail keyword strategies.


Builds Credibility

As well as building your online brand, by sharing your industry knowledge, opinions, and ideas, you’ll begin to establish your company as an authority in your field, which goes a long way to building trust within your community. Sharing stories from employees is an excellent way to introduce your audience to your team and help them put a face to a name. Whether you share your team’s behind-the-scenes content, milestones and achievements, or other fun information, your customers will appreciate seeing the human side of your brand.

The use of a blog on your website is a small but potent tool in building your website’s Rankings; why not get in contact with us at Pebble Web Design today, We are here to help. We have Web Care Plans and SEO campaigns to suit everyone’s individual needs.


If you don’t have time to write your blog? Don’t worry. We can even take care of writing and uploading a monthly blog, giving you valuable time to work on your business rather than in it.