How do you write good web content

Useful and easy to read content will keep your reader on your page. But how do you write good web content? Here are some tips to follow;

1. Give them what they want:
Your readers want to see the big picture first; you want to show them what you do and what you can do for them the second they get onto your website, so put the most important information first on your site. Readers want to see what they came for there and then in order to stay on the page, so give them what they want!

E.g. if you’re looking for a new yellow toaster; When you get to the site you want to see that they sell toasters, they sell it in yellow and you can search the yellow toaster to see what it looks like. If you’re pleased you will more than likely buy that product.

2. Skim & Scan
Users will read differently on the web then they do for, e.g. reading a book, so make sure you think about how users will read when writing. Users skim content to try and see what it’s all about and scan for parts of the content in which they are interested in. So make sure you are straight, and to the point, limiting each point to one paragraph and add bullet points and number lists as it is also easier to read.

3. Draw them in
Engage with your audience. Know who your audience are, build an image of who they are and what they want to read. Keep interaction going, ask questions, and make them want to continue reading.

4. Easy to find
Make content etc. easy to find for users when they land on the site, don’t complicate everything. Keyword research is key to find out what keywords people will use to find your content. Once found use these keywords and dot them around your content, especially in the title, headings and starting paragraph.

5. Proofread everything
Everything needs to be checked over and proofread in order to stop you from uploading content with spelling mistakes. If this happens it will send people away from your page.

These are just some basic tips to concentrate on when writing content for your site.
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